Activity Reservation Help

The Activity area of the Unit Reservation system allows units to manage their unit activity reservations for summer camp at Read Scout Reservation.  Once logged into the system, a unit can change their activity reservations: add, modify or delete them.  Changes to reservations or adding reservations cannot be done after 6 p.m. on the Thursday prior to a unit's week in camp.   After this time many of the options below are no longer available.  Changes after that time can be discussed with the camp director on Sunday evening

The unit summary screen (the first screen shown) shows all currently registered activities. 

Add Reservation
The Add Activity reservation screen is accessed from the Add Activity option.  Activities can only be added for weeks that the unit has been enabled for.  These are set  by the camping secretary. 

Choosing the week and the desired activity area allows a search for all activities with openings.  The maximum participants and available spaces is shown.  Choose the activity/time and indicate the requested count at the bottom of the screen.  A comment can be included if desired or if requested for that activity.  Comments are only visible to your unit and the camp administrators.  The count and comment can be changed later if needed.

Clicking the register button saves the registration and returns to the unit summary screen.

Modify Activity Reservation
An existing registration can be modified: only the count and comment can be changed.  To modify, click the enabled time of a registration.  The Modify Activity reservation screen is shown allowing the count to be changed as well as the comment.  The Max Available number shown is the maximum that can be registered at this time.  After modifications are made, click the Modify button to save changes.

Delete Activity Reservation
Deleting a reservation can be done from the unit summary screen.  One or more reservations can be deleted by selecting the those to be deleted and clicking the Delete Selected button.  This immediately releases those activity spaces for registrations by any unit.

Reservation Summary
The activity schedule and all current reservations can be viewed in the Reservation Summary screen.  Searching by week and activity area will retrieve all activity reservations.  Checking the "Include Open Sessions" will show all activity sessions, reserved or not.  This is useful to determine the actual schedule of when activities are offered.  This summary can be viewed by any website visitor, logged in or not.