Westchester-Putnam Council, BSA Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation
Camp Leader Responsibilities


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Summary of Camp Leader Responsibilities

Leaders' Guide

Prior To Camp

1.  Pay $200 deposit by March 1st

  • Supply e-mail contact information
  • Obtain registration web site username and password

2.  Promote camp with scouts and parents

  • Promotion should be done throughout the year with a specific focus in March and April
  • Promotional brochures are available on our web site

3.  Attend a Summer Camp Leaders’ Orientation Meeting (mid to late March)

  • Obtain and read all camp guides and additional information
  • Sign up for activities at the meeting. Additional activities registrations and changes can be completed through our web site after April 1.
  • Obtain camp promotion brochures as needed from Council Service Center

4.  During April, correspond with parent and Scouts on camp details

5.  File scholarship forms with the Council Service Center for any Scouts seeking financial assistance

6.  April/May – collect camp fees and transmit to the Westchester-Putnam Council.

  • Collect (and retain, do not send to Council) money for troop pictures
  • Collect funds for other activities that the troop or Scout will be participating in (horsemanship merit badge, caving, whitewater rafting, etc.)

7.  Starting April 1st, register those Scouts paid in full for advancement utilizing the system on our web site. Ensure that the required unit roster information is input into the registration system correctly. (For the protection of our Scouts and Leaders, this is a secure system) This information will need to be inputted before registering a boy for advancement.

8.  Register all adults who are attending camp using web based system. In 2008 all adults must be registered prior to attending camp so that we may run them through the NY State Sexual Offender Registry as required by the Health Department.

9.  Encourage Scouts to read the merit badge booklets and complete any requirements that must be done before camp to complete the badge.

10.  Complete a blue merit badge record card for each badge that each Scout is taking and bring with you to camp.

11.  Arrange transportation for the Scouts to and from the Read Scout Reservation

  • If Scouts are utilizing the council bus transportation, collect the bus fee for the trip in each direction. Transmit fees and pertinent information to the Council. Confirm the number of youth taking the bus by the Monday before your arrival at camp, preferably using the online registration.

12.  Check that all necessary paperwork is complete.

  • Medical Forms: Pay particular attention to the immunization record. Check that all information is complete. Allergies must be identified.
  • Necessary permission slips are properly completed.
  • If a Scout is staying more than seven nights, all meningitis paperwork is complete


In Camp

1.  Adhere to the 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM Sunday check-in time

2.  All cars must be parked in designated parking area. No vehicles are allowed in campsites or parked on the roads

3.  Completed paper work is handed in.

  • Medical forms will be reviewed by the health officer for completeness.

4.  Two deep leadership is on site at all times. In cases where two deep leadership is not available, the camp director will supply a staff member over 18. They will be an extra charge for this.

5.  All leaders attending camp have participated in youth protection training.

  • Youth Protection training will be offered on Mondays. Attendance is mandatory for leaders without a current card.
  • One on one contact between adult s and Scouts is not permitted except between a parent and his/her son. Personal conferences with Scouts must be conducted in view of other scouts and adults.
  • Adult leaders must respect the privacy of youth members in situations such as changing into swim trunks or taking showers.

6.  Sunday evening: all activities and advancement schedules should be confirmed. Any changes should be agreed upon and communicated.

7.  Scouts and leaders will receive a wristband, which must be worn all week. Late arrivals need to register with the Central Office and receive a wristband and swim test.

8.  Attend scheduled camp leader’s meetings.

9.  Scouts are to be adequately supervised during their stay in camp.

  • The buddy system should be explained and enforced.
  • At a minimum, Scouts should be accounted for at meal times and at taps.
  • Scouts should not be left unsupervised in campsites.
  • Periodic checks should be made throughout the day and evenings to assure the Scouts are where they should be.
  • The advancement schedule and activity schedule reports from the registration system can be used for this purpose.

10.  Assist the Camp Director or staff, time permitting, with program or service projects.

11.  Visitors other than those on Sunday and Saturday check in with the Central Office and obtain visitors badges.

12.  Visitors participating in meals pay the appropriate fees.

13.  Assist the camp staff to improve our camp by having each unit leader and the senior patrol leader
complete a camp evaluation form.

14.  Be prepared for Friday checkout with the business manager.

  • Be on time for your appointment.
  • Bring the troop checkbook to settle open items.
  • Have all the appropriate paper work, receipts and any other necessary information with you.


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